Hi, I’m Gari, I’ve always had a passion for mechanical engineering and had a love of modified cars. Saying that I went on to become a building surveyor that does nothing to do with cars.

I was the first person in my family into cars so really had to teach myself it all and learn as I went.

One of my cars is currently sponsored and part of the KT-AV family for this year. It’s is a Ford sportka that’s entered into the club 4wd class in the UK Timeattack Series! Yes you read that right, 4wd. The entire car is designed and built by me with the exception of the rollcage. It runs the full Evo 456 based 4wd system and a 2litre 4g63 turbo, dry sump, custom fuel system, custom cooling system with boot mounted rad, stand alone management with antilag, launch control, etc, etc. I could go on all day.
Proud to have KT-AV on board for this years race season. There will be continuous development with the car and plenty of opportunity to come and view the car at all of the Timeattack events, so come and say hi and also check out the KT-AV goodies too!