All Purpose Dressing


  • Touch dry formula
  • Advanced protection
  • Satin finish


Mynt Automotive All Purpose Dressing is a highly versatile interior and exterior dressing for use on all automotive plastic, vinyl and rubber. All Purpose Dressing will add a satin finish to any vehicle interior or exterior plastic. It’s formulated to enhance the appearance of interior plastics and vinyl, engine bays, wheel arches, tyres and trims.

Directions for use:

Interior plastic, vinyl and rubber: Apply 2-3 sprays of All Purpose Dressing on to a microfiber and wipe onto surface. For hard to reach areas spray onto a detailing brush and apply.

Engine bays: Thoroughly clean with our All Purpose Cleaner. Liberally spray All Purpose Dressing onto all the engine bays plastics. Allow to dwell for 5 minutes then wipe off the excess. This same method of application can be used for wheel arches.

Exterior trims: Apply 2-3 sprays of All Purpose Dressing to a microfiber applicator and work into the surface, then allow to dry.